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About Professor John Oakland 


"When I was new to the quality scene several decade ago, "Total Quality Management" by Professor John Oakland was the book my manager said to read and study.


"To this day, the book is an essential blueprint for quality professionals. We are delighted to be partnering with Oakland Consulting." 


- Robert Oakley, Director at Qualsys Ltd



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In this lively, candid talk Professor John Oakland shares: 


1. Why Quality professionals don't come to the game with a very good reputation  - The 6 challenges faced and why you need to redefine the role of quality in your organisation.


2. Why Quality remains to be the most important competitive weapon - Examples of getting quality right, and getting it wrong. 


3. Why you need to work with all stakeholders across the organisation to   promote good quality   Why the quality manager needs a constant                            stream of communications with stakeholders across the business.


4. Frameworks for accelerating change, reducing costs and protecting reputation – The journey to world class quality management. 


5. 5 essential steps for engaging your leadership team – How to demonstrate strategic alignment and get the results you want. 



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