Free integrated risk management resources:


We enjoyed hosting you, and hope you found the day an informative and illuminating springboard for a robust, resilient risk management structure for your business. 



As promised, please find your risk management resources below.

1. Integrated risk management workshop slides:

2. Risk management workshop guide:

3. Risk register template

4. Example risk management policy

5. ISO 31000 toolkit

a. Introduction to ISO 31000 

b. ISO 31000: Risk Management Principles for Value Creation and Protection 

c. ISO 31000: Design 

d. ISO 31000: Leadership and Commitment 

e. Clause 5.4, 5.5 & 5.6 : Implementation, Evaluation and Improvement 

f. Clause 6.2: Communication and Consulation

g. Clause 6.3: Establishing the Context

h. Clause 6.4: Risk Assessment Process 

i. Clause 6.5: Risk Treatment  

j. Clause 6.6: Monitor, Review and Report 

6. Risk management optimisation toolkit

a. Rethinking Risk: Gerald Ashley at the CQI Conference  

b. Earn CPD Points as CQI's Richard Green Discusses Managing Risks and Opportunities for ISO 9001:2015

c. 5 Steps of Risk Management: A Practical Approach

d. Risk Management is No Slam Dunk at Nike

e. Risk Management for Lawyers 

f. Risk Management Software Datasheets 

g. ioD Business Risk Management Whitepaper

h. Risk Management for ISO 9001:2015

7. Institute of Risk Management: knowledge and resource centre


What to do now

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The risk workshop is part of an extensive 2018 calendar of interactive GRC workshops designed to coach, spark insights and offer time-saving resources to simplify the GRC process for quality professionals. We'd love to welcome you to our future sessions.

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