Download the stakeholder engagement template


You've done your research.

You've prepared all of the information.

You're convinced you need an EQMS to improve how you manage governance, risk and compliance.

But you can't make it happen without getting support from your internal stakeholders. 


Qualsys has helped many organisations to engage their stakeholders as they push to implement EQMS.

To help you to get a commitment from your own stakeholders, our team got together to create the stakeholder engagement template. 

Download the template by filling out the form on the right. >>>>>>>


The template covers the following: 

  1. Getting the attention of your stakeholders by building your goals
  2. Demonstrating that your goals can't be achieved with the current systems in place 
  3. Using the stakeholder matrix so no-one is overlooked
  4. Communicating the right message to the right stakeholder by using the engagement planner
  5. Using a Gantt chart to plan when everything needs to be completed
  6. Feeding back the information to your stakeholders
  7. Extra resources such as a vendor scorecard tool