Supplier management toolkit 


This toolkit includes:

1. "Optimising sustainable supplier management" webinar - Learn how to unlock value from your supply chain with best industry practice in our 1-hour webinar.

2. How to manage supplier assessments with EQMS - Michael Ord, New Business & Marketing Director at Qualsys, talks you through using EQMS for supplier assessments.  

3. Clause 8.4 explained: 'control of externally provided processes, products and services': Robert Oakley, Commercial Director at Qualsys, explains the key changes to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

4. Supplier optimisation resources - Access tools and techniques to map your supply chain and target fraud, or watch Richard Green, MD of Kingsford Consultancy Services, discuss how to audit your supply chain.

5. Supplier management software datasheets - Learn how EQMS helps you manage supplier performance. 

6. ISO 9001:2015 external provision management 

7. Global Quality Survey 2018 - View the findings, trends, developments and projections from the annual Qualsys quality industry survey. 

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