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Businesses such as AIIM estimate that employees spend 30 minutes per day searching for documents.

This is dwarfed by the time lost in recreating or duplicating information that already exists. The cost resulting from the use of outdated or incorrect information can only be imagined.

  • 1,000 knowledge workers will waste $2.5-3.5 million annually (Source: IDC)
  • 30 minutes a day is lost by 80% of employees just from retrieving information
  • 2 hours a day per employee is lost in recreating or duplicating information that already exists

This free white paper discusses the key issues around document management. It aims to give the reader a broader base from which to make informed decisions on process, implementation and practical application of document management.

It covers:

  • Key issues facing organisations regarding document management,
  • Business process and practical advice on questioning vendors
  • Key Facts and ROI considerations
  • The Case for Document Management is a crucial tool for busy Quality and Compliance Managers and gives you a quick overview of the key issues at hand. 

 Table of contents

  1. A Rapid Return on Investment
  2. Environmental Costs – Benefit your firm and show corporate responsibility
  3. The Paper-based System – An Economic Drain
  4. The Need For Transition
  5. Choose the “Right” system for your business
  6. Coping with Change
  7. Integration
  8. Key Facts – Cost Justification and ROI

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